This is Mighty eSports

Our Story

The team, Mighty eSports, was founded by two people. After a short time, it was taken over by Damian 'SharK' Franin. The beginning of the acquisition was difficult because many changes had to take place. A short time later, a friend of SharK, Celine 'Chihiro_' Rauch, joined the management team. So many things have been turned upside down in Mighty eSports and new things have been rethought. Now we have reached a point where we want to achieve many things. New sponsors, new logo as you can see, new members in the management team or as a member for a game. The team Mighty eSports, now consists more than 25 members which we all enjoy very much.

The various teams play in offline and online tournaments and they also take part in various leagues. The teams represent Mighty eSports in the games: League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocketleague and Hearthstone. Planned are other teams in other games.

  • Chief Executive Officer Damian Franin
  • Co-Chief Executive Officer Celine Rauch